Photograph of one of the UK's best documentray wedding photographers as a child and now

About me

So what makes me so passionate about wedding photography?

Well that’s me when I was 3 years old and growing up in South Africa. I still love looking at the many photographs my parents have taken of me and my siblings. From as early as I can remember I was fascinated with the camera and what it could do capturing moments and memories forever. Graduating from first cameras to using my father’s SLR and asking for my first ‘proper’ camera on my 12th birthday, photography has been my life.

I’m passionate about my photography and above all I love photographing people. There is nothing quite like capturing the essence and character of someone on film. My style is my unique approach and vision. I create timeless works of art that convey so much more depth and emotion than just a likeness or snapshot. And for me it’s always a privilege to me to be commissioned to photograph a couple’s wedding, a person’s portrait or a day in a family’s life. These are special and precious moments of your life.

A bit more about me!

I’m a 44 year old full time professional photographer with a graduate and postgraduate fine art background and over ten years experience photographing weddings, people and places. I was born and raised in Africa and still miss the reliable sunshine! My background informs my work through strong compositions, the play of light and ultimately creative photographic works of art. My preference is to use natural light as much as possible as the subtlety and range of tones adds to the drama of the day. Avoiding the use of flash also allows me to photograph people at their most relaxed and natural.

A few of my favourite things are:

  • Cameras & film
  • Beaches
  • Surfing
  • Cinnamon pastries (of all kinds!)
  • Salty Liquorice (weird I know!)
  • Family
  • Travelling
  • My wife

My approach to weddings

I photograph weddings because I love them. It is always an immense privilege to be booked to photograph a couple’s most important day and I treat it as such. I love the excitement of the day, sheer variety and capturing the emotion and essence. Every wedding I’ve photographed has been so different and enjoyable. I work in a very unobtrusive manner, with a relaxed and friendly approach. Couples, parents and their guests love my style and manner and comment how refreshing it is to find a photographer that blends into the day, yet captures it so beautifully. I like to document weddings naturally with little intervention. My style and approach to weddings allows everyone to be themselves and enjoy the day, whilst together we create amazing works of art.

I’m based in the ocean city of Plymouth in Devon where I live with my wife and lovely children. The surrounding countryside and beaches provides such superb quality of life and creative environment in which to work. Though choosing to live in Devon I regularly cover weddings and portrait photography assignments throughout the UK and Europe. So please contact me to discuss your next portrait commission or plans for your wedding.

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